About Cassie

Cassie Donoghue is in her mid-thirties and is the epitome of a quiet, kinky queer girl. An unassuming, if sassy, paper-pusher by day and a naughty writer by night, Cassie delights in her dichotomy and enjoys her natural inclination towards being a submissive. (Though she’s been switching it up with recent partners and is discovering her dominant side!) She began writing as an anonymous outlet to fantasize about her more controversial kinks.

Some of the things that get her going include—domestic discipline, 50s housewife, priests, bondage, dominance and submission, voyeurism, pseudo-incest, May-December pairings, DDlg/MDlg, breeding, pegging, cuckolding, gangbangs, femdom, light watersports, monsters and shape-shifters, and more. She is looking forward to exploring each of those in her work.

Outside the realm of kink and taboo, Cassie spends her time wishing she was at the beach, feeding her nail polish buying addiction (yes, another!), listening to too much indie music, and daydreaming of being the perfect housewife someday for some lucky man or woman.