New Release: Step by Step, Vol 1

My stepbrother erotic romance novelette, Burning Desire, has been picked up by Selena Kitt for the pseudoincest box set Step by Step, Vol 1 and guess what? The box set is now available! Such an honor to have been picked! Thank you, Selena! Chuffed to be amongst all these other wonderful authors.

It’s now available on Amazon for $0.99 and for free through Kindle Unlimited. PURCHASE HERE!

Please add it to your to-read shelf on Goodreads! Also, please remember that reviews are an author’s best friend. They really, really help us out. If you do purchase Step by Step, please consider leaving a review. And if you can post a review on my story alone, please do so. I would VERY much appreciate it!


This 16 BOOK Excite Spice Forbidden Romance MEGA Bundle delivers all the naughty, wicked temptations of forbidden fantasies straight to your e-reader. These steps simply can’t resist each other. They know they shouldn’t, but it’s so hard to stay in control when there’s so much sinful flesh right there under your nose and at your fingertips.

Step by Step, Vol 1 (Excite Spice Boxed Set) Sixteen of the genre’s hottest authors will titillate and arouse you with these shocking, explicit tales. You get sixteen tales so deliciously wild, you’ll find yourself wondering how something so wrong could feel so right. Don’t miss your opportunity to grab this limited-time bundle, bursting at the seams with steps. It’s time to discover the tantalizing, illicit pleasures that lie only behind closed doors.

This EXCITE SPICE bundle is on sale for a LIMITED TIME.


Selena Kitt ~ Stepbrother Studs: Logan
Alan W. Jankowski ~ A Family Reunion
Amy Ward ~ A Brand New Step
Cerise Lush ~ Taken at the Party
Cheri Verset ~ Her Crazy Craving
Marian Tee ~ When I Moan
Arabella Keppler ~ Let Me Come With You
Katrina Millings ~ Samantha’s Story (Taboo Princess)
Lenore Love ~ Taking Hope
Cassie Donoghue ~ Burning Desire
Kitty Jones ~ Blackmailed by the Stepbrother
L M Adventure ~ Changed by Stepdad
Sophie Stern ~ My Darling Stepbrother
Hope Roberts ~ Ready To Ride?
Tina Gayle ~ My Future Step Brother
Gillian Cherry ~ Birthdays with My Stepbrother



In other news, I’m still working on some longer form releases for later this year. Two are brewing and eating up my brainspace, but I don’t know which will come first. (Pun intended.) I’m also revamping and re-editing my 2015 paranormal erotic short, Hotter Than Hell, and I should have a cover reveal ready very soon. Just waiting for my editor to send everything back.

Until next time! ❤ As always, subscribe to my newsletter to keep up to date on releases!


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Updates, WIPs, and Slowing Down

Hello, my darlings! There’s quite a lot going on right now, but let’s start with the biggest announcement.

The Dirty Dames Are No More

Due to creative differences and differing lifestyles that were causing conflicts in the production schedule, Verity and I have decided to disband Dirty Dames and handle our writing separately and at our own pace. This is an amicable split and I definitely encourage you all to head over to her website and keep tabs on what debauchery she’s cooking up.

Our anthologies have been pulled from vendors merely to make handling finances easier for both of us. However, you can still find our individual stories from those anthologies at Amazon, Smashwords, and more. Click on Books and Stories to find mine. (Hotter Than Hell forthcoming.)

Master’s Hands Is In the Works

Master's Hands I’ve been hard at work on a new, longer story about a disciplinarian and one of his, ahem, younger, though legal, clients. This May/December story has been in my head for some time now so I can’t wait to share it all with you.

I’m aiming for a summer release but there’s no set date as of right now. Be sure to subscribe to my newsletter to hear about new developments as they happen! Including a cover reveal in a couple of weeks 🙂

Releases will probably be coming a little slower over the summer as I’d really like to write more longer form fiction rather than numerous short stories. But there’s still plenty of naughtiness in store for you all!


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New Release – His Toy: A Story of Exhibitionism

His Toy: A Story of ExhibitionismI’ve got a little 3,700+ word short story releasing for you all today!

Join Julie as she’s swept away on a tropical birthday vacation by a younger man. One where this mature vixen becomes a willing participant in a taboo ride she’ll never forget.

Available for $0.99 @ Amazon | Smashwords


Kurt perched himself in one of the patio chairs. “And don’t mind me. Or indeed, any of us. There are eyes everywhere, sweet Julie.”

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