Updates, WIPs, and Slowing Down

Hello, my darlings! There’s quite a lot going on right now, but let’s start with the biggest announcement.

The Dirty Dames Are No More

Due to creative differences and differing lifestyles that were causing conflicts in the production schedule, Verity and I have decided to disband Dirty Dames and handle our writing separately and at our own pace. This is an amicable split and I definitely encourage you all to head over to her website and keep tabs on what debauchery she’s cooking up.

Our anthologies have been pulled from vendors merely to make handling finances easier for both of us. However, you can still find our individual stories from those anthologies at Amazon, Smashwords, and more. Click on Books and Stories to find mine. (Hotter Than Hell forthcoming.)

Master’s Hands Is In the Works

Master's Hands I’ve been hard at work on a new, longer story about a disciplinarian and one of his, ahem, younger, though legal, clients. This May/December story has been in my head for some time now so I can’t wait to share it all with you.

I’m aiming for a summer release but there’s no set date as of right now. Be sure to subscribe to my newsletter to hear about new developments as they happen! Including a cover reveal in a couple of weeks 🙂

Releases will probably be coming a little slower over the summer as I’d really like to write more longer form fiction rather than numerous short stories. But there’s still plenty of naughtiness in store for you all!


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